Baileys Garlic Tub 1kg


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Baileys Garlic Supplement is one of the strongest-smelling garlic supplements around!

Garlic has long been used to support a healthy respiratory system as well for the digestive system and as a natural insect repellent.  General purpose horse & pony supplement, easy to use powder and made with natural garlic oil

Baileys Garlic Supplement is an easy to use powder with pure garlic oil, which provides a higher proportion of allicin than some supplements made from the dried garlic residue left once the oil is extracted. Allicin is a useful source of organic sulphur, but garlic also contains key vitamins and minerals which have powerful antioxidant properties

Typical Analysis:

  • Protein 10%
  • Oil 10%
  • Fibre 16%
  • Ash 6%