Finer By Nature Chicken and Mango Dog Food 1kg

Finer By Nature

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Get the Finer By Nature Chicken and Mango Dog Food and fulfill nutritional requirements for your pets while offering them a new taste. This delicious wet dog food is made of 85% chicken carcass and 15% mango, which brings a sweet flavour to your pets diet. It is a complete food that can be offered to your pets on a daily basis as it contains all the essential nutrients including 15% crude protein, 11.9% crude fat, 4.5% crude ash, and 0.1% crude fibre. A powerhouse of a single protein, this food is suitable for both adults and young dogs of all breeds.

Dogs with a sensitive digestive system can also eat this sumptuous food as it doesnt contain any nasties and fillers that cause allergies. Therefore, this hypoallergenic chicken food can be offered to your pets on a daily basis without any issue. This senior dog food is grain-free and has a high moisture content, which makes it easily digestible.

You can improve the health of your pets and boost their metabolism and immunity By offering them nutrition rich food, which also tastes good! This sensitive stomach dog food is available in minced form, which makes it chewy and leaves a great flavour everytime they take a bite; that not only help retain their interest in food, but also satisfies their taste buds and hence, they are willing to try new recipes. This high protein dog food is easy to handle and store, it is available in a pack of 1 kg in a recyclable packaging. However, make sure to consume the food as early as possible to make the most of its nutrients.

Product Benefits

  • Made of a perfect blend of 85% chicken carcass and 15% mango
  • Single protein dog food, which help strengthen your pets muscles
  • No additives and no fillers
  • Minced meat with chewy texture that enhances the palatability of the food
  • High in moisture, the food is easily digestible


Fresh Chicken (85%), Fresh Mango (15%)


Crude Protein (18%), Crude Fat (9%), Ash (5%), Crude Fibre (1%)