Dougies Freeflow Duck 80/10/10 1kg


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Description:  A complementary feed for working dogs. Dougie's Freeflow Duck 80/10/10 is a great single protein product. This chunky mince is quick to thaw and easy to portion out.

Ingredients:  80% Duck 10% Duck Bone 10% Duck Offal

Feeding Guide:  Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day. (10kg = 200g, 25kg = 500g based on 2% a day).  It is important to feed a variety of different proteins as each protein has different nutritional values. Dougies 80/10/10 and 80/20 with Veg range has done the hard work for you and provides the necessary balance of 80% meat 10% Bone 5% liver and 5% another secreting organ.