Bamfords British Finch


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British Finch is a carefully formulated mix containing a wide variety of coarse and fine seeds that help to keep our native birds in great shape all year round. Linseed and nigerseed promote healthy skin and plumage, whilst the other protein-rich seeds support optimum condition and digestive health. British Finch is a versatile feed suitable for both the breeding and resting seasons. The mix contains a blend of naturally.

COMPOSITION: Canaryseed, Black Rapeseed, Wild Seeds, Hemp, Linseed, Naked Oats, Red Millet, Niger,
Japanese Millet.

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Feed daily in small amounts as required. Ensure fresh clean water is always available.
Provide a good quality grit for extra minerals and to aid digestion. Fresh fruit and greens, Millet Sprays,
Cuttlefish and treats will all usefully add nutritional variety, and provide a positive everyday stimulus for
enclosed birds. An egg food supplement, especially during the Breeding and Moulting season is also