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Odour Control (Bubblegum) 5L

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DESCRIPTION: An industrial strength fluid which helps to eliminate all obnoxious odours. This superior blend of essential oils has excellent odour covering and absorbing properties with anionic and non ionic emulsifiers and penetrants. Suitable for use in urinals, sewage farms, offal treatment plants, dustbins, etc. Ideal for suppressing obnoxious odours in areas fouled by animals.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE This product may be used neat where the situation demands, but for general deodorising purposes may be added to cleaning solutions at 1 part Odour Control Fluid with up to 80 parts solution. Apply to area to be deodorised and leave for 15-30 minutes to activate. Rinse surface thoroughly with clean cold water to remove all traces of product. Allow to dry fully with no residues on surface before allowing animals access to the treated surface.